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As an aesthetic nurse practitioner, Concierge Botox specifically focuses on improving their patient’s appearance.  In doing so, they provide a treatment service that can make a significant difference in how patients feel about themselves and in the image they project to the world.  Concierege Botox will work with their patients to:

  • Consult with them about their concerns and questions
  • Provide information about the options available for elective procedures
  • Perform those procedures
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ABout Kimberly Lopez

Kimberly Ann Lopez is a professional Botox and dermal filler(s) specialist, with over 10 years of clinical nursing experience. She received her doctorate in nursing, with honors, at the University of Miami in Florida. She is a board-certified specialist in nurse anesthesiology- a highly trained and skilled advance practice registered nurse in the surgical and non-surgical setting. She is a member of American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Florida Association of Nurse Anesthetists, and American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Her training, skills, and education seek perfection and do not overlook details. She is an avid aesthetic nurse practitioner committed to the advancement of innovative cosmetic treatments and procedures.

“I am committed to every patient and dedicated to every treatment. To create something exceptional, one’s mindset must be remarkable focused on the smallest of details.”

Kimberly Ann Lopez

Our Vision

Nurses are “born” to use needles. No other healthcare professional spends more time using needles than nurses do.  Concierge Botox aims to be a leader in injectables by maintaining sterile technique, minimizing discomfort during the treatment(s), and providing client-specific care in the comfort of their preferred location.

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Our Mission

Concierge Botox aims to provide a safe and tailored concierge service oriented towards meeting your aesthetic goals.  In the aesthetic arena, symmetry is beauty- with an aesthetic “tweak” our goal is to visibly alter facial appearance so that symmetry can be closely achieved.  We celebrate diversity and believe every person is beautiful in their own way.  We look to keep your original beauty and only enhance it so that you look like the best version of yourself and maybe even 5-10 years younger- to enhance one’s self essence.     

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